Work Experience

Work experience offers you the opportunity to appreciate the working environment prior to making a career choice. It can provide a valuable insight to help you make the right decisions.
The NHS is not just about doctors and nurses -there are over 350 different roles from engineers, chefs, scientists, finance and managerial.
Work experience in Northern Devon Healthcare Trust will give you a sample of many of these career paths.
Work experience is unpaid. Placements can be in clinical areas on wards, or non-clinical areas such as in offices and reception areas.
We hope that after taking part in an NDDH Year 10 work experience opportunity, you will consider a career in the NHS after completing your education.

Benefits of Work Experience include

  • Opening doors to future employment opportunities
  • Building your confidence, extending your skills and knowledge
  • Putting your skills into practice
  • Appreciating the relevance of the what you learn at school/college
  • Exposure to a working environment

For further information please contact: Gail Richards, Lead for Engaging the Young Workforce

Telephone: 01237 420 252 e-mail: gailrichards1@nhs.net



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